Tales of the Crypt – An Introduction to This Classic EC Comic

In the world of EC Comics, Tales of the Crypt is an extremely popular series. Based upon the original EC comics series of the same title, this cult-favorite campy horror anthology series tells a string of horrifying tales introduced by the staunchest of host, the Cryptkeeper. Episodes feature some of the most well known actors and actresses, such as Dan Aykroyd, Tom Hanks, Malcolm McDowell, Bruce Campbell, and Samuel Waterston.

Many of today’s character, who were once part of the comic book super villains were cast in the Tales of the Crypt episode. These actors included Robert Carlyle, Roger Cross, George Segal, Kevin Spacey, and Danny DeVito. Most of these names are familiar to most fans of the comic book world, but who didn’t know these stars when they first appeared on the silver screen? Some may be surprised at the inclusion of some notable notables on this list, but fans are sure to appreciate the inclusion of a plethora of notable movie celebrities.

The premise of this Crypt’s horror story is extremely interesting. In essence, the series revolves around a man named Peter Venkman. Peter is a librarian from the Daily Bugle who helps the Cryptkeeper. Peter is also part of the FBI, and he appears in many other EC comic books. This is why he is featured in many of the classic horror and crime comic book tales of yesteryear.

Of course, his popularity is not restricted to being a great villain. Peter is also a very attractive lead character. With his pale, blue eyes, Peter can easily make anyone look good. He is also very well known for his love life and for helping women everywhere.

There have been some great performances from a slew of other famous Hollywood stars, such as Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks. These two are definitely two of the funniest characters to ever grace the small screen. Tom Hanks is a hilarious character that everyone loves to laugh with, and laugh at.

In addition, the crypt itself is a real-life location that is extremely eerie and mysterious. It also features a creepy, ancient vault in which Peter works as a librarian. The vault is a source of endless excitement for anyone who visits. Fans of the Crypt are sure to enjoy this Halloween by watching the latest episodes. And if they are not scared away by a few of the more modern scenes, they may even want to see this series again!